Our endeavors

JAT Endeavors, LLC. is a holding company invested in the business of humanity, building a better world, and enabling others to find the courage to change.

JAT Endeavors, LLC.

Who we are

JAT Endeavors is not one company – it is a holding company for many different businesses and brands. It is the culmination of business professionalism and human vulnerability. At the end of the day, we believe in humanity and all those willing to make strides towards a better world.



About our endeavors

JAT Endeavors, LLC. owns, invests in, and partners with select companies that align with our vision as a business and brand: enabling and encouraging humanity to find their unique voice and the courage to change the world for the better – whether that be through raw, entrepreneurial energy or creating communities fostering change in our forum. 

You can find the details for each of our companies, investments, and partnerships (better known as “endeavors”) below.

our company

I Know You Community

A business built around community, connection, and the sharing and spreading of love. The IKY Community believes being human is a gift that should not be taken granted for, and aims to help individuals fulfill their purpose and find Love, Community, and Connection intentionally.


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